Thematic Areas

GEN Africa Works Within the Following Thematic Areas

1)Education & Capacity Building

Promoting the development of curricula derived from good practice within ecovillages (Gaia Education, grown out of GEN has created valuable educational materials freely downloadable from

2) Model Ecovillages and Training Centers

Model eco-villages provide holistic designs for urban and rural communities for sustainable living environment. Training centres provide education, training and research to achieve order to pass on knowledge, methods and skills for sustainable living.

3) Advocacy

promoting policies and practices that will make for a more just, sustainable and equitable society

4) Cultural Heritage

Africa being the cradle of Civilizations, GEN-Africa will strive to apply the ecovillage movement profoundly based on the diversity of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Africa.

5) Healing and Reconciliation

The basis of GEN-Africa values lies in the success of authentic healing and reconciliation. The pains we carry on an individual level are reflected in our current economic, social and ecological realities and vice versa.

6) Food Sovereignty

Gen Africa promotes African communities that are self reliant, independent and enjoy abundance of a diversity of indigenous foods that result from creative use of local resources.

7) Natural Resources and Restoration

To support, promote and document the work of every community in becoming a model for energy autonomy, reforestation, regenerative water cycles, healthy soils, and mutually beneficial relationship with wildlife. 8) Ethical Business and Fair Trade GEN-Africa must assure self-reliant and interdependent communities by providing a progressive eco-village business model in the existing destructive mainstream market. Overcome poverty and regenerate natural resources investment.

9) Communication and Information Technology

Gen Africa through IT will facilitate effective and efficient communication also makes information available and accessible to everybody interested in gen Africa activities.