The Solution Library is a resource library where members find solutions to how to do solve problems. Easily accessible do it yourself solutions are outlined here under the 5 dimensions of sustainability. Ecology, Economy, Socio cultural, Worldview and Participatory Design

Please visit here for the solutions library: 

The Solution Library first came to life as part of the “Ecovillage Strategies for Community Mobilization“ project lead by GEN Europe with generous funding by the Anne Lindh Foundation. The project is run in partnership with Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural heritage, CULTNAT, Egypt; Association Rikab for Development Sustainability and Communication, Morocco; African Youth Initiative on Climate Change, Algeria; Peace Research Village Middle East, Palestine; and Guneşköy Çevre Kultur ve Işletme Kooperatifi, Turkey.

We face many challenges in our time. At the same time, there are so many solutions out there! And so many people eager to implement them! The Solution Library connects these two. It creates a simple access interface, with clear routes leading users to the information they are searching for. The aim is to make solutions for the transition to sustainability universally accessible.

The project provides a portal called

Through this portal you can:
1) Browse solutions by category, location or image
2) Upload your best solutions to share them with the world
3) Enjoy the inspiration, comment and share your own experiences
4) Implement innovative approaches in your projects