As part of practical training during the GEN Ghana Ecovillage Design Education Course held at KITA, participants led by Dormenyo Galley of Action Accra trained participants of the EDE in the design and fabrication of a plastic chair made from  used voltic bottles.

plastic bottle sofa IMG_20160302_141444

Plastic bottles have become a nuisance in our country Ghana due to the indiscriminate disposal of waste without recycling. The challenge of waste disposal and its impact in our country causing floods, mosquito breeding leading to health hazards and silting of our rivers and water bodies called for urgent and innovative ways of using used plastic bottles to fabricate  differnt kinds of innovative and useful products for our society including sofar chair, hanging gardens and irrigation systems.

IMG_20160302_135749 IMG_20160302_141826

A member of GEN Ghana with the skill and expertise provided training for the other members of GEN Ghana.

GEN Ghana hopes to scale this up by producing chairs from used plastic bottles to be able to serve our communities, schools and sitting areas to enhance healthy livestyles in our societies.

Through the EDE, GEN Ghana called on government to expedite action to ensure effective waste recycling policies that will benefit our societies and enhance sustainable development in Ghana.


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